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  • Pedicures
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Basic Manicure$18

Relax in a warm, sanitizing hand soak. Nails and cuticles are groomed, arms and hands massaged, finished with a hot steam towel.
Nails polished.

Aromatherapy Manicure $25

After a basic manicure grooming, hands and arms are exfoliated with a sea salt scrub. A mask wrap, hot towel wrap, and then an aromatherapy massage follows. Choose between Lavender, Rose, or Green Tea Aromas.
Nails polished.

Hot Oil Manicure $30

For very dry hands. Basic manicure grooming, and exfoliation. Relax in a hot oil hand bath while enjoying a hot oil hand and arm massage. Includes a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dip to relieve pain and stiffness.
Nails polished.

The Polished Manicure $35

Treat your tired hands to a Seafizz effervescent sanitizing soak. Basic manicure grooming followed by an indulging natural sea salt exfoliant and a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. Hot towel therapy and a massage using a moisturizing time-release body butter. This premium manicure is finished off with a hot paraffin wax dip to relieve pain and stiffness.
Nails polished. Choose between: - Milk & Honey - Soothing & Moisturizing
- Tuscan Citrus - Revitalizing
- Pomegranate & Fig - Anti-aging

CleanJet No-pipe foot spas with Shiatsu massage chairs.
Basic Spa Pedicure$28

Relax in a tranquil foot soak and enjoy the Shiatsu massage chairs. Basic nails and cuticle grooming, heels and calluses are smoothed, legs and feet massaged, and then finished off with a hot steam towel.
Nails polished.

The Lavender Pedicure$35

It's time to relax and enjoy the calming scents of this lavender pedicure. After the basic pedicure grooming, enjoy a lavender sea salt exfoliating scrub followed by a lavender mask wrap. A hot steamed towel wrap, and then a leg and foot massage finishes this pedicure.
Nails polished.

The Rose Petals Pedicure$40

A rose fragrant soak with a dissolving rose pedal soap will send you to a rose garden. After the basic pedicure grooming, your legs and feet are exfoliated with a rose scrub. A rose mask, hot towel wrap, and an aromatic massage follows. A hot steam towel therapy completes your experience.
Nails polished.

The Green Tea Pedicure$45

Soak your feet in a tea bath full of botanical extracts, antioxidant, and vitamins. After basic pedicure grooming, a skin scrub with natural sugar crystals and green tea antioxidants is applied as an exfoliant. A white tea hydrating mask wrap followed by a moisturizing massage full of vitamins and shea butter is applied. Ends with a hot towel therapy, giving you balance back in your feet.
Nails polished.

The Polished Pedicure$50

The ultimate relaxational pedicure with aromatherapeutic scents that will linger in the salon. Soak your hard working feet in dissolving leaves and a chloramine-t sanitizing tablet. After basic nail and cuticle grooming, experience a premium natural sea salt glow exfoliant followed by a deep dermal moisturizing wrap. Next is a hot towel treatment and an intense hydrating body butter leg and foot massage. The experience ends with a paraffin wax therapy for the feet to relieve pain and stiffness.
Nails polished. Choose between: - Milk & Honey - Soothing & Moisturizing
- Tuscan Citrus - Revitalizing
- Pomegranate & Fig - Anti-aging

We do not use products with Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Acrylic Nail by Creative Nail Design

Standard Acrylic system providing strength and durability over your natural nails. New Set$35 Fill$20

Pink & White Nail System by Creative Nail Design

White acrylic is applied at the nail tips and pink acrylic is applied at the nail beds, creating a permanent "French" manicure. Strong and sturdy, non-yellowing. New Set$50 Fill$20 Back Fill$35

Liquid Gel Sculptures

Thin layers of liquid gel applied to your nails and cured under a UV lamp, creating a permanent shiny finish. Lightweight, thin, and natural. New Set$50 Fill$30

Gel Powder

Non-brittle, strong, sturdy, durable, shiny glass finish. New Set$40 Fill$25

Metallic Nails

Last up to 2 weeks, easy application, easy removal. Fingernail/Toenails$25


A hybrid polish that goes on like nail lacquer, UV-cured, dries instantly, and lasts up to 2 weeks. No drilling involve, non-abrasive to natural nails, soaks off in minutes. Provides strength to natural nails, and helps them grow. Over 150 gel colors to choose from. OPI-Axxium, Creative Nail Design-Shellac, Harmony-Gelish.
- Gel Polish Only $20
- Gel Polish with any manicure $15
- Gel Polish removal or French $5

French/American/Colored Tips

Add - $5

Buff & Polish

Hands - $7
Feet - $10

Nail Repair

Hands - $3+
Feet - $3+

Shatter polish/nail art/designs

- $3

Artificial Nail Removal

- Removal Only $15
- With mani or gel service $10
- With New Set $5

Paraffin Wax Dip/Scrubs/Mask add ons

- $5


- Eyebrows $12
- Lips $10
- Chin $10
- Full Face $30

Organizing your very own nail party is the perfect way to bond with friends, family or co-workers. Our team will help create a memorable experience ranging from the smallest gatherings to the most important events in your lives. Choose Polished as your venue.
Bachelorette Parties
Corporate Events
…or just because

Group Nail Parties

All group parties of 8 or more, receive 10% off.

Non-Private Nail Party

Free of charge. Just book an appointment to ensure spot. You are welcome to bring drinks and food. Beverage glasses will be provided.

Private Parties

Reserve the entire salon for your private nail party. Our team will coordinate your food and drink set-up and clean up after your party. Food and drinks may be delivered ahead of time. Beverage glasses will be provided.
Hours: $90/hr,rounded to the nearest ¼ hour.

Please Note:

Fees noted above do not include nail services. Private parties must pay for hourly fees at least 2 days in advance as a deposit. Private parties usually takes between one to two hours two complete, depending on services and number of party. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance or the deposit will be forfeited.
Please reserve your private party at least 2 weeks in advance for proper preparation.